Cape Town Drought: What You Need to Know

Just to share a few of the latest updates from the industry meetings that have been taking place in Cape Town and Johannesburg to address all the questions and concerns arising from the news around the drought. Please note the below:

  • Video footage from the Cape Town & Johannesburg¬† meeting will be available via link by the end of this week from SATSA
  • South African Tourism (SAT) and Wesgro have collaborated to create a website resource with FAQs and facts about the situation in Cape Town to prevent misinformation from spreading any further panic to guests travelling soon. This is due to go live early next week.
  • SAT will embark on a global road show with Wesgro and some other tourism stakeholders to meet with all our embassies across the globe in order to combat misinformed media around Cape Town.
  • Wesgro is working on a document to advise water saving at popular tourist destinations, which we are expecting to receive by the end of this week.

We will share all information as and when we receive it. Media will be available on our social platforms for your convenient viewing.

Should you have any questions regarding specific booking and specific hotel, please contact your designated Travel Specialist.

Click here to see a list of answers to FAQs on the drought.

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