Guide to Luggage Restrictions in Botswana

When travelling to Botswana, air transfers to lodges in the Okavango Delta and other areas are often in small aircrafts. Guests travelling to Botswana should be advised of the following luggage restrictions:

  • All luggage should be in soft-sided bags only. Hard sided suitcases do not fit into the storage area of small aircrafts. Guests with hard sided suitcases will be required to repack their luggage and leave the hard suitcase in Maun in storage facilities (additional costs could be incurred).
  • All luggage (including hand luggage and camera bags) should weigh no more than 20kg in total, per person. For additional luggage an extra seat or charter will have to be purchased.
  • Flight timings cannot be confirmed by the flight company unless an individual charter flight is booked due to the complex management of daily flights in conjunction with international arrivals and departures out of Botswana. Final scheduling is done 24 – 48 hours before the day of departure. Departure times from lodges will be communicated to guests 24 hours prior to departure.

The above mentioned restrictions are safety precautions which need to be adhered to. Please ensure that all guests travelling to this region are aware of the requirement so as to avoid delays during travel.

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