Botswana Water Level Update

Botswana experienced late rains last season, which saw water levels across the Okavango increase much earlier than usual. As a result, maximum water levels for activities were reached as early as March 2017.

Until recently, Gunn’s Camp and Moremi Crossing have been operating all water activities, but they have advised that they are currently experiencing low water levels and boating activities cannot be operated.  Despite this, mokoro activities continue taking place from Moremi Crossing, with all guests, including guests from Gunn’s Camp, setting off from there and then heading towards nearby islands to continue on foot.  As guest safety is a priority, Gunn’s Camp and Moremi Crossing will continue to monitor the situation carefully and will resume the boating as soon as water levels increase.

With larger expanses of Chief’s Island now accessible on foot due to lower water levels, there is a greater area to walk. Taking into account warm day temperatures and client wellbeing, guests travelling to the area should advise in advance of any health considerations.

For further enquiries, please contact your designated Travel Specialist.