Fancourt Winter Refurbishments 2019

Manor House

The Manor House will be replacing its ceilings and carpets in the passage areas, as well as updating its TV infrastructure and completing general maintenance including painting. There will be no disruption to guests as The Manor House will be closed from 24 May to 4 June, 08 June to 20 June and 24 June to 28 June. Refurbishments will be completed by 20 June 2019.

Rooms 300 Series

Extensive refurbishments will be made to Rooms 301 – 306 and 308 to 3083 from 08 June to 29 July and all remaining 300 rooms from 24 June to 23 August. This will include replacing the paths, removing certain cart paths and parking areas, updating TV infrastructure, replacing carpets and certain furniture, as well as some structural changes to rooms. The area will be cordoned off completely which ensures no disruption to guests during this time. Guests will be accommodated in the 500 room series over these dates. Renovations will be completed by 23 August 2019.

Henry White’s

A new side entrance will be built for guests to access Henry White’s. The restaurant will be closed at the same time indicated above for The Manor House (24 May to 4 June, 8 June to 20 June and 24 June to 28 June) to ensure no disruption to guests. Refurbishments will be completed by 28 June 2019.

The Club Lounge Terrace

During the winter months the terrace outside the Club Lounge will be retiled. During this time the Club Lounge will be closed and Monet’s will serve as the hotel bar offering the same operating hours.