Water Scarcity in Cape Town Reaching “Dangerous Levels”

As you may be aware Cape Town is in the middle of its worst drought ever and “Day Zero” (when taps will be turned off and residents will have to queue for water) could be a lot closer than expected.

Cape Town’s “Day Zero” has moved forward by two days after water consumption increased to “dangerous levels” from an average of 611 million litres per day last week to 628 million litres this week. “Day Zero” threatens to get closer with each visitor and resident that does not adhere to the restriction measures.

The City of Cape Town has committed to doing everything it can to bring additional water online, but without cooperation from residents and the influx of visitors this high season, their efforts to save water will inevitably be nullified.

Tourvest DMC would like to stress the importance of sharing this information with guests visiting Cape Town so that we can do our part as travel partners to help bring restoration to the dire situation in Cape Town. Most, if not all Cape Town hotels have implemented tailored restriction efforts and guests will be briefed at check-in and/or with a notice in their rooms.

Here are some of our water saving tips:

  • Avoid washing hair daily and only wash when necessary
  • Avoid using the bathtub
  • Reduce shower time to 2 minutes
  • Switch off water when lathering soap in the shower
  • Avoid shaving in the shower while water is running
  • Switch of the tap while brushing teeth, shaving or washing your face
  • Use hand sanitizer as an alternative to frequent hand washing

For further information on specific hotel and its restrictions please contact your designated Travel Specialist.