Wheelchair Accessibility at Table Mountain

In 2014 the City of Cape Town committed to a landmark policy of physical accessibility for all. Many of Cape Town’s top attractions pride themselves on being wheelchair accessible, and the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway is no exception. Here is everything you need to know about wheelchair access at Table Mountain.


When visitors arrive at the Lower Cableway Station, they must look out for the Cableway staff in their green uniforms. Once the guest has shown their tag, they’ll be directed to the wheelchair-accessible parking, which is located just near the Cableway entrance.

Cableway Access

Staff will direct wheelchair users to the lifts which take them up to the departure area for the cable cars. Wheelchairs can easily access the cable cars, and the windows are low enough so visitors won’t miss out on the views. The cable cars rotate as they ascend, offering views of the city, harbour, mountain, and ocean.

At the Top

There are many trails at the top of the mountain, although not all of them are wheelchair-friendly. Coming out of the Upper Cableway Station, guests will need to head straight towards the Shop at the Top and Table Mountain Café. The path to the left contains steps but the one on the right is wheelchair-friendly. From the Twelve Apostles Terrace, they’ll be able to complete almost a full loop of the main trail, moving counter clockwise. There are ramps at the Café and the Wi-Fi Lounge has lift access.